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Something Is Not Nothing!

I was talking to a friend the other night at a party (#octoberfest ), and realized there is a common thread running through many of our goes something like this: “if I can’t do ________perfectly, why even bother?” And, I think this is subconscious, but is permeating our thought process nonetheless. She was expressing frustration with not being able to get to the gym. My solution was to #goforawalk (this is often my solution for most of life’s conundrums🤔), to which she seemed surprised at the simplicity, but then seemed to grasp the concept as a possibility in her life. You guys....SOMETHING ISN’T NOTHING! If a walk or a super short workout is all you can fit in, don’t throw in the towel! It all adds up to self care and each effort we make, even when it doesn’t seem ideal or like its “enough” gives us proof that we can follow through on what we promised to ourselves. Last week, because life happened, I didn’t do an actual workout for 6 days. I still went for a walk every day, but the stars just didn’t align for me to actually do any strength training. In the past, I would have stressed big time. Now? No big deal. I know everything is cumulative and all of the hours I’ve put in over the years add up and protect me when I take a short (unplanned) break. The point here, is that none of this is an emergency. Keep walking forward, one foot then the other, walking on that path to good health and taking care of ourselves. Life will always throw us curve balls-it will never “settle down” even though we believe otherwise. What can you do TODAY to set you up for a better tomorrow?

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