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Susannah LaPoint

  • certified Personal Trainer

  • NCI Nutrition coach

  • moderation365 coach

  • reiki practitioner

  • Awakened Breath Breathwork Practitioner

I’m not sure how to say everything I want to say in one measly paragraph, but if I could sum it up I would say:


“When you make yourself a priority every damn day, magic happens.“


Self-care is such a buzz word right now. For a good reason though. We are a generation in a long line of generations who have never *actually* made themselves a priority. Some of us are people pleasers, or caretakers, we take care of everyone else first, often at the expense of our own well-being. (And, I’d like to add, that even if we *think* we are putting ourselves first by dieting or killing ourselves with workouts, that’s actually the opposite of self care + self love). When you work with me, I will walk with you as you remember how to make yourself an actual priority. This includes working towards loving on yourself every day by nourishing yourself with health promoting foods and keeping your blood sugar stable so you actually feel good, and moving your body in a way that feels good and sustainable for where you are at right now.


Work with me towards building habits that serve you for the long term-decades down the road, even. Thinking forward to what our 80-year-old selves would want us to be doing now, and honoring our future selves with habits that set us up for success.  We can’t punish ourselves into a body that we love. We must nurture ourselves into a body that we first accept, then begin to fall in love with. For some this may sound like complete bullshit, and for others it may sound like a dream. If you are at a place where you are tired of trying to beat your body into submission with endless plans, shakes, diet, goals, that never come to fruition, take a chance on yourself and work with someone who will empower you to see the amazing human you actually are. 

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Why Hire A Coach?


      Creating a healthier life, in whatever avenue you are seeking (getting stronger, eating healthier, losing fat, working on your stress and sleep, etc.), requires making changes to your daily habits, and habit change can be overwhelming. It can be too challenging to get and stay consistent without accountability at first. This leads leads to fits and starts and a LOT of frustration. Being inconsistent is the biggest progress-killer when you are working to change habits.

      Hiring a coach can enable you to set reasonable goals and stick to them. Getting healthier isn't an overnight thing. It takes time and patience, and a coach can walk beside you, encourage you along the way, and help you stay on the right track. A coach provides a "road map" so you can clearly see the steps in front of you and can focus on just taking the next step in the process without the stress and anxiety of trying to figure things out for yourself. 


My Coaching Style:


      YOUR preferences matter. If you don't enjoy the process, you're certainly not going to be able to stick with it. 

       I work WITH my clients to come up with goals and habit change that they enjoy working towards, all in the spirit of taking EXCELLENT care of yourself along the way. With slow but deliberate steps, we work together towards the habit change they are looking to make, checking in the entire time to make sure it stays sustainable and enjoyable.

         The coaching areas I specialize in are: Fitness~build and sustain an exercise plan that you enjoy. Nutrition~Move towards a more nutrient-dense diet, full of delicious and satisfying health-promoting foods. Mindset~Work towards having a more positive mindset and taking excellent care of yourself. Lifestyle~Make sustainable habit change to life a healthier lifestyle in all aspects. 

If we aren't taking excellent care of ourselves first, how can we expect to take care of everyone else? 


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Call/Text: 541.848.2916

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