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Susannah has been coaching me virtually since February 2021 and I would recommend her to anyone who is serious about improving their overall well-being. She is incredibly intuitive and knowledgeable when it comes to fitness and nutrition, as well as stress management and sustainable lifestyle changes. I continue to be impressed by how she goes above and beyond every time to personalize her approach to each client with whom she works (both of my parents have worked with her, so I can say this with confidence.) I've had my fair share of ups and downs: a cross-country move, a major career change and starting my own business, ongoing mental health challenges, intense medication side effects, and chronic illness, to name a few. Susannah has been there for me every step of my journey, offering support, encouragement, and helpful guidance. She continues to provide insights that have helped me stabilize my blood sugar, cut out the majority of gluten and dairy from my diet (we discovered I have an intolerance to gluten and a dairy allergy), establish healthier eating habits, and start & maintain a sustainable fitness routine. She is an incredible ally that genuinely cares, will help you stay accountable to yourself, and will be as invested in your well-being as you are.



Portland, OR

Susannah is an awesome coach. The perfect balance of encouragement, accountability and knowledge regarding all things health, body and exercise related.

Misty S.
Mosier, OR

Susannah's coaching provides practical tools that work in real life. She is motivating and supportive. My mindset and obsession with food/exercise have improved immensely through my work with Susannah. I highly recommend her!

Karen M.
Corvallis, OR

I had the great fortune of meeting Susannah in the small town where we both live in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. As a 62 year old woman, I worried about my safety from the pandemic as well as my family's safety. I put on 10 extra pounds in the first 4 months of lock down and felt horrible. I decided I needed help in losing some weight and also wanted to establish some daily rituals of self care. Susannah has helped me with both of these goals. She is a professional who cares about her client's well being and knows to pace the workouts to fit where I am physically. Having had a double knee replacement 3 years ago, she has accommodated my limitations in my exercise routines. I love Susannah's style. She is kind, upbeat, an excellent listener and is patient and acknowledging when I struggle. She is particularly knowledgeable about the messaging women receive in our culture about their bodies - we have learned there is one figure we should all strive for and for most of us that is unattainable! Just knowing that she sees me for the unique person, body type I am, has made working with her all the more easy. While I continue to work with Susannah, my husband and daughter have also started working with her. I strongly recommend Susannah to anyone wanting to create a healthier lifestyle. You will find in her a supportive trainer, an all around good person and a professional at her craft.

Rhonda S.
Mosier, OR

Susannah is an amazing coach! She is extremely knowledgeable about all things health, whether it's exercise, nutrition, stress management, or even just encouraging to make time for myself. Her approach and holistic view have been instrumental to me meeting my goals. Thank you, Susannah!

Darci S.
Eugene, OR

I will forever be a raving fan of Susannah and her coaching style. I am in my mid-forties with multiple injuries and health challenges. Susannah takes great care to meet me where I’m at and help me gain momentum with my health in a way that does not frustrate or overwhelm me. Because of her I have recently made solid daily changes from walking, to hydration, to truly nourishing my body which was a far cry from where I started. She customizes workouts for my body and schedule. If you are looking for a compassionate, knowledgeable, nonjudgmental health coach, I HIGHLY recommend Susannah.

Ronnette U.
Eugene, OR

Susannah is great!  I started working out with her during the school year while my kids were in school, she was very accommodating with my schedule.  Having kids in school who get sick, have snow days and vacations can be challenging on a schedule.    
I loved the results I saw in the definition of my arms and legs right away.  She listened to what I wanted but also added what she knew I needed.  I have some issues with my neck and shoulders and she was always very aware of that and adjusted certain exercises for me.  When I first started working out with her my husband noticed a difference in my backside, and used to tell me to thank her for him :)
I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to look and feel better.    
Kristen Ross
Bend, Or.

I have gone to Susannah for over 2 years and her level of enthusiasm for training me has never wavered.  She makes the workouts challenging, but fun and very motivating.  Not only does she assist with exercises and weights, but she also helps with my overall nutrition and health.  She knows how to work around any injuries I may have and is always concerned with how I feel and allows me to go at a pace that is comfortable for me.  She definitely puts the “personal” in personal training!  I’m very happy that I made the decision to workout with her as I have noticed big changes in my physique, endurance levels, and even my confidence. 

Lori B. 
Bend, OR

You have to be ready.... A year ago, it was my time.  


Life had changed. MANY things had changed... my priorities, friends/family, my relationship, my goals.  I was working hard at confronting feelings, emotions, beliefs and trauma.  I was gaining control of my life.  I was standing up for myself. I realized I was enough.  I was loved. I was successful, powerful and competent.  It is now MY life !!

So, I went to the doctor for a regular check-up (it had been a few years). Gratefully, I was basically healthy; all blood work and tests came back perfect...except for the cold, hard fact: "You are overweight."

I had known it for years.  I had internalized it, lived in shame, minimized and ignored the reality.  Here was the first person to get through to my head... "This is real and you need to do something about it."  

All I can say is: I WAS READY.  And I have been successful.  


Today is one year later. I am grateful, amazed, proud and feel great ! 

I took the scary, hard steps. I humbled, admitted weakness and opened myself up to new ideas. I found I was not alone and help was right there.  I decided to change.

With the help of a personal trainer / nutritionist, Susannah LaPoint, I created new habits.  I keep a food journal, ate differently and began to exercise. I reflected on my emotional eating and unhealthy choices. I stopped most of the sugars and processed food.  I embraced vegetables and fresh foods.  I tackled cooking fears and purged the inadequacy that I felt.  And I started to move, stretch, walk and regularly exercise.  

I had hated exercise and would refuse to do it.  But now, I have fallen in love with it.  I had believed I couldn't cook and needed to live on processed, chemically laden, go-to food.  Now I read cookbooks for fun, seek out fresh produce and frequently sample new recipes.  

I had spent nearly 20 years weighing over 200 pounds.  I struggled with large baggy clothes and limited styles.  Shopping was torture and humiliating. I constantly wanted to cover my body and hide. I wanted to believe I was just "big boned".  But, no; I was overweight.  


I was now a single parent of two small children.  I wanted to run and move with them. I wanted to be free and active. I wanted to live and be around for a long life.  I wanted to love myself and give myself all that I deserved.  And I needed to be happy and proud about it.  It was my time.

In the last year my weight has dropped over 50 pounds.  My body feels healthier and happier than ever in my life.  My digestion, energy level, alertness, stamina and sleep quality have improved beyond what I thought was possible.  I enjoy the strength of my body and its muscles. The pride and confidence to know I have changed my life is what keeps me going.  

I make healthy choices today based on my new life's priorities.  I remain motivated because the gratifying results outweigh the burdens I carried before. I maintain an active life because it makes me happy.  I live "healthier" because I and my kids deserve it.  


I have endless thanks and love to Susannah for guiding me, believing in me, challenging me and awaking my body to a wonderful new life.  You listened, supported and offered new ideas at the time when I was finally ready. We spent only a relatively short time together, but your knowledge, understanding and openness has influenced me for the rest of my life.   My success is a direct reflection of your successful coaching business and hours of hard work and willingness.  Thank you again. I am grateful for so much.

Tanya A.

Eugene, OR

I have been working with Susannah long distance for about 2 months.  After having worked with her in person when she lived in Bend, I knew that we had a great dynamic and her philosophies made sense to me, lining up well with my own.  She has since moved about 3 hours away and our training had to come to an end but when I found out that she had added a long distance coaching component to her business I reached out right away.  At that time I was hyper-aware that my bad habits and inadequate(or non-existent) self-care practices were adding up to an unhealthy lifestyle but didn’t have the confidence, discipline or focus to tackle it by myself.  During our first call Susannah and I identified all of the issues that needed to be addressed and came up with an initial plan of action.  She has the ability to evaluate how much support each individual needs from her to reach their goals and can sense when you may be struggling and need a little extra attention to help get you back on track.  I personally benefit greatly from being held accountable so I get daily check ins and sometimes more.  Aside from the daily texts and weekly phone call check ins Susannah has also turned me on to helpful apps, inspiring podcasts, great books, links to her own training videos, healthy recipes, personal development blogs and the list goes on.  These resources have also been hugely beneficial in learning how to live healthier and staying motivated.


Now here I am two months later and am working out and meditating regularly, learning to cook and living more consciously in general.  My anxiety is down, focus is sharper, mood is more stable and overall outlook is bright.  Oh, and I’ve lost nearly ten poundsJ.  All of these new, healthy habits are still quite new to me and I do still get frustrated or slip here and there but always have Susannah to check in with so that I can be sure I am consistently moving towards the goals that we initially set.  I cannot express enough how critical the work she does has been to my making the progress I have in these last couple months.  


Emily V.

Remote Coaching Client 

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