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Areas of Expertise

All services available In-Person or through Remote Coaching

Personal Training

I have 15 years of experience coaching my clients to better physical health through strength training. I set up effective and efficient workout plans completely individual to each client. I can work with any gym or home workout situation, and come up with creative and fun workouts to get you stronger and help you look and feel your best! 

Nutrition Coaching

I'm a certified Nutritionist and a Nutrition Coach. This means I can help you build better nutrition habits through adopting a nutrient-dense diet that focuses on balancing your blood sugar first and foremost. I don't do crash diets, quick fixes, crazy restrictions or "white-knuckling" your way through the day. My approach is completely sustainable and focuses on nourishing yourself with satisfying foods and balancing your blood sugar all day long to eliminate out-of-control cravings and energy/mood swings. I provide a good dose of education in my coaching so you know WHY I recommend what I do, and that helps you connect to the process and make sustainable changes 

General Health Coaching

Sleep, stress management, hydration, and mindset are all things that don't fit into the "fitness and nutrition" category, but all definitely contribute to your health. I work on these things, too, with my clients, to provide a well rounded program that seamlessly fits into your life. 

Cooking Coaching

I honestly believe that there is no substitute for cooking your own meals MOST of the time. I also know that cooking can feel intimidating and can seem like a hassle for some people. If this is you, I'd LOVE to help you reduce some of the negative energy around it if that's what you're experiencing. Nourishing ourselves is, yes, a committment, but also a privilege and an opportunity to show up for ourselves in a MAJOR way. I am MORE than willing to come to you and set up a day's worth of cooking instruction to help you become a little more comfortable in the kitchen. I'm willing to travel a few hours (which makes most of Oregon and Washington an option) to make this happen. We would pre-plan ahead of time so we had a strategy going in, and basically, whatever you need help with, I can make a day (or two) curriculum out of and we can tackle it head-on! Let me know if this is something you're interested in and we can chat about it!

Breathwork Specialist

Did you know that most of us are in a pretty constant low-level state of Fight or Flight? This means that our nervous systems are always ready to act...and this is very stressful on our bodies. Strategic breathwork can help us manage stress, reduce anxiety and depression, and overall calm our nervous system on a deep level, providing us with a much calmer way of being. I LOVE to help my clients establish a consistent breath work practice that proves to be life changing! Intentionally breathing to calm OR energize ourselves pays huge dividends and is an amazing (life changing!) addition our self care toolkit. 


My Approach

I've done my fair share of extremes. Extreme exercise, super-strict diets, out of control bingeing and lots of beating myself up for "less then perfect" behavior. Ugh.  I've landed in the middle and found a sustainable space where I'm nourished and satisfied and my workouts are effective and fun, but not extreme, and I feel good and at peace with my health and life. 

I've reverse-engineered my process so we can skip all the stressful crap and go directly to the actions that ACTUALLY make real, sustainable changes in your life. Changes that will make the MOST impact in the way you feel every day. 

My main focus is to get you to the healthiest version of yourself. This vibrant version of you will be a far more effective (and happy!) parent, spouse, partner, employee, friend, etc.


Here are some of my areas of focus:


Number one....Balancing your blood sugar. This is just about the MOST impactful thing you can do. Setting yourself up for success the first meal of the day is extremely important and something we will work on right away. This action sets you up for a better mood, better energy, less cravings, and a more stable relationship with food and nutrition. 


Number two...Strength Training. Building muscle is SO important. Every movement we make depends on our muscle to perform correctly. If our muscles are weak, tight and otherwise de-conditioned, this can cause all kinds of ramifications; Strains, trigger points, poor posture, PAIN.  As we age, muscle starts to atrophy UNLESS we do something about it! Muscle is our friend for so many reasons: a faster metabolism, a strong physique, and being capable of doing all of the things we want to do without getting injured.


Number three...Stress management and sleep. These two things are HUGELY impactful in your life every day. If your sleep is out of whack, and/or you're highly stressed out, let's work on these things so you have the reserves to take excellent care of yourself and others.   

Let me help you FUEL YOUR BEST LIFE!!!

My Approach
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